There's No Sound In Outer Space

by Laurence Lawlor

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Singer-songwriter Laurence Lawlor's first independent LP album release.


released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Laurence Lawlor Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Sad Truth
Here it is the sad truth
Standing in broad daylight
Running circles 'round you
Here where it all collides
Entrez-vous to the out-group
Your taking on their pitfalls
Walking in their footsteps
Tired of being involved
In this big mess
Big mistake coming here at all

Struggle in their conflicts
Having trouble breathing
Walked out into traffic
End of the beginning
Big mistake coming here at all
Track Name: Au Revoir
Looking in your pocket
Looking at your money
Worked through all the bright day
Working for somebody
Walking down the main drag
Waiting for something
Au revoir moving on
Gonna go and see the boss
Manning up soon enough
Should have left me where I was
Crying in my bedroom
Cry myself to sleep again
Filling up a needle
Reaching for a tourniquet
Scattering in your feelings
Scattered cross some great divide
Slowly taking over
All the time you'd occupy
Au revoir moving on should've left me where I was
Manning up soon enough gonna go and see the boss
Track Name: I Know Too Well
Laid out the cards
Of a coloured deck
To a stubborn future
You couldn't accept
Because everyone's there
With their perfect arms
With their mocking thoughts
That go on and on
And nothing around here
Really makes any sense
Except a sign
Saying watch your step
And black isn't white
I know I won't see you tonight
But I'm moving on
A message to send
That I'll never see your smiling face again

Cut to the quick
For the easy way out
To the de luxe special
They're trying to sell
But I can see through
You like everyone else
So don't tell me
I know too well
It's a cash recall
You get what you give
So I'll just stay at zero
Where I can't begin
The stage fades to black
But your not distracted
Your always right here
A ghost in the shell
Always standing beside yourself

The table's set
For you and him
And I'll slip out quietly
No commotion
Trace the lines once again
Past the point of no return
Never see your smiling face again
Track Name: No Matter What I Do
Arms left wide open
Just waiting to start
Starved for attention
But you do yourself harm
No one admits it
They all know what you are
But I'm moving on now
If it's all the same to you
If you haven't noticed
Then you probably never will
Don't you feel tired
With everything you do
Drained down to nothing
And nothing works for you

Alone at last
You've got nothing but time
A picture frame
With a heart stuck inside
A surface truth
With a transparent mind
But I'm moving on now
If it's all the same to you
Knowing I can't change that
No matter what I do
Drained down to nothing
And there's nothing here for you
Always in a hurry
And the world won't stop for you
Track Name: Nothing Nothing Said
The money dropped
Down in a slot and
He held his breath
Cause no-one knows
Just what you feel
The things that you cope with
Got on a bus
Called the 501
Going back again
Only wish you where
Someone else
if just for a minute
You cross the great divide
And bury what's inside
Your paycheque's gone
The blow's not fun
Your paycheque's gone
Said either way now
We both can go
And I won't be missed
The many people
Half scared to death
Of their own reflection
I saw it too
I just told myself
That it doesn't exist
Cause nothing's made of air
Nothing nothing said
Your paycheque's gone
The blow's not fun
And you’re no fun
Yeah you’re no fun
You’re what's gone
Track Name: Everything You Had To Say
You are a prayer with two
Hands to guide me through this night
Where I am a broken heart
you are the light of the new dawn
To stand beside me when I know
That I'm already gone
Past recall of my memories
I am nothing at all but an empty dream
You think you regard yourself
With some sorta specialty
Needle in the hay from all
The things that make sense to me
From all the artists
Where an imitator makes his way
Not that you regarded them
At all for what they had to say
You laid out a path for me to backtrack
Skip straight to the point all matter of fact

I was a sounding-board
For everything you had to say
Here to assimilate some
Off hand joke you'd throw my way
And it's true that I
Could never face reality
Where you are a gem
I am only a dependency
Night turned to day
All the chords into one
Still changing place
In a contradiction
Track Name: Broken Home
Your hand on the chain-link
That you feel fit to put between
Us now that your leaving
You never said what you mean
Said we where through
And that you made up your mind
Because it seems easy
Just to bury what's inside
Eyes pinned with hatred
So thick I could choke
Driving back to your broken home

Couldn't stop crying
Though the ground was rushing by
And I'm not what's missing
Really there's nothing there to find
Been lying unconscious
Just waiting for this mood to break
Still stuck in some lie
Like some clown in the parade
Undivided in everything
I'm on the outside looking in

Maybe it's not me
I barely know who I am
But I don't wanna see you
I tried so hard to forget
That I'm not different
The little I know about your love
Those tender feelings
You took and rose above
On the outside looking in
In so much pain I can hardly feel a thing
Track Name: Beautiful Losers
Someone's here sitting here
Drinking out his problems
The fix that broke turned black to blue
The sand slipped through his fingers
And yesterday's smiling face
Is nothing like tomorrow
Talked to scratch but he just says
That you don't have it in you
You've got the world to blame no love lost now

The pukey kid wants someone else
To lean upon his shoulder
Hours spent coping with
Satan's bad reflection
To weigh the scales once again
Half right from the beginning
Running to hit the ground
You've seen how it was pouring
The constellations fell your mind closed in on itself

Walking back through the tracks
Where hatred turned to anger
A tired man waiting for
Some non-existent answer
And memorized your sad goodbye
The first hello between us
But all the zeros in place
Didn't amount to nothing
You only get this chance
But I don't need someone just to talk to
Amy, Amy, Amy, Ames
Track Name: Juniper Tree
Was my mother who murdered me
And my father who ate of me
Was my sister, Maiggory,
Who all my bones in pieces found
Them in a handkerchief she bound
And laid them under the juniper tree
Was my hatred that murdered me
The sweet tomorrow that never leaves
Painful sorrow no one can see
But all my bones in pieces found
Them in a handkerchief she bound
And laid them under the juniper tree
Kuwit, kuwit, kuwit I cry what a beautiful bird am I
What a beautiful bird am I
Now your gone the door was shut
Said our bond was as thick as blood
And that you'd love me no matter what
And all my bones in pieces found
Them in a handkerchief she bound
And laid them under the juniper tree
Kuwit, Kuwit, Kuwit I cry what a beautiful bird am I
What a beautiful bird am I
Track Name: Don't Hate Me
Still waiting for your dreams
For the sleep that you need
But your feelings are a mess
There's just too much in your head
I was down at the square
Waiting for who cares!
And I scored I was ready
To go home and prepare
Don't hate me I’m changing
Found something new
I can't be unhappy I’m not like you
You made me feel empty
You paint me blue

You were off and that's fine
Because I've always been alone
But the things that you said
Left me uneasy and sad
Is it true? Are we all
Only in it for ourselves
I don't care I don't know
Where I'll go from here on out
You made me feel empty
You paint me blue
I can't be unhappy
I'm not like you
Don’t hate me I’m changing
Found something new